5 Unique examples of solar homes

Westcoast Solar Energy has been providing California homeowners solar energy opportunities with our advanced solar technology systems for years. Even solar power companies like us need inspiration sometimes, and we’d like to share some of our favorite solar home designs with you below.

#1 Solar Panel Examples from Spain

This unique sustainable residence was designed in 1995 and developed in Granadilla, Spain.

Residents in this beautiful solar home aims to reduce their ecological footprint by using materials and construction systems with local materials.

Such items include certified industrial materials like environmentally untreated wood with zero harmful elements.

#2 Video of Custom Solar Panel Designs

We just had to include the below video from Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings (MAEB) in Barcelona.

This inspiring short video details their 12-month immersive academic program with an emphasis on using a practice-orientated approach to train professionals with advanced expertise in the design and construction of ecological buildings.

Their last example is our favorite!

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#3 Energy-Saving & Eco-Friendly

Rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, combined with green rooftop gardens are the 2 environmentally-friendly technologies experiencing a rise in popularity in recent years.

Not only can these 2 competitors co-exist together, but the combined technologies work together synergistically in boosting each other’s solar energy performance.

solar home example in the woods

source: trendir.com

#4 Insects in Solar Panel Design?

When was the last time you saw a solar powered structure and thought it looked like an insect?

That is exactly what the Russian architect AN RO was going for with this 3-story building.

Notice how it takes the organic shape of an insect, more specifically a grasshopper, becoming one with nature both from a shape and functional point of view.

#5 Solar Homes Showcase

The Solar Decathlon showcases even more stunning examples of energy-efficient homes at the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C.

They even have a spectacular photo gallery of solar home examples to check out on their website.

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