Ground Mount Solar Installations

When a property has an expensive electric bill there are usually a few things in common:

  • Size: The larger the house or business, the more people live in it, the more power it consumes.
  • Rural Location: Rural properties have a higher energy demand because of well and septic systems.
  • Swimming Pools: Pumps and heaters can drive up energy consumption
  • Lifestyle Amenities: Wine Caves, ponds and water features, extensive garden and irrigation requirements.

When these factors combine there is usually not enough space on the roof to offset a significant portion of the electric bill making a ground mounted array the better option.


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Westcoast Solar Energy specializes in large residential ground mounts

Why choose a ground mounted array vs. roof mount?

  • Ground Mounts can be placed and positioned optimally for greater energy harvest.
  • Ground Mounts eliminate the need for problematic module-level electronics like Enphase Microinverters or Solar Edge Optimizers.
  • Ground mounts can be located away from living areas, views or gardens.
  • Ground Mounts are easy to clean and service.
  • Ground Mounts can provide more solar power than what typically fits on a roof. This is an opportunity to expand system size to affordably reduce reliance on expensive propane deliveries and even gasoline-powered vehicles by replacing them with electric units powered by your solar power plant.
  • Ground mounts can last forever, a typical roof has a 10-15 year lifespan before needing repairs requiring removal of the solar array.
  • Ground mounts experience less heat accumulation than roof mounts and are therefore more efficient.
  • Ground mount racking can easily be reconfigured if modules need to be replaced or more power is desired.

Has anyone ever said: “I sure would like to put an additional 50 holes in my roof” ?

Why a Westcoast Solar Energy Ground Mount?

Ground Mounted Solar Panel ArrayHeavy Metal

Westcoast owns their own excavation and specialty equipment. The investment in specialty equipment enables even the most complicated installations to be completed flawlessly, on time and on budget. Unique in the North Bay as the only solar company in Sonoma County to self-perform every aspect of a project with company-owned equipment.

The standard industry practice is to rent the minimal equipment necessary or rely on a patchwork of subcontractors and non-skilled laborers to complete a project. This practice makes it impossible to deliver the consistent quality Westcoast Solar Energy is committed to.

WSE crews show up trained to handle most underground conditions as they occur. Boulders, hard-pan, cobble and steep hillsides often send lesser companies back to the rental yard for more equipment with extra charges to the customer. In the long run, this strategy has proven to cost less than the typical subcontractor/ laborer model and an example of how Westcoast creates advantages for their customers.

Proprietary Advanced Ground Mount or AGM?

Over the last decade, Westcoast has refined their proprietary Advanced Ground Mount or AGM to be the best available on the market. With a limitless material lifespan, low pier to module ratio made possible by custom drawn corrosion resistant recycled aluminum material you can take comfort knowing that the energy investment you make today will perform flawlessly for decades to come.

Easy Service

Westcoast Solar Energy backs up our solar installations with a service department dedicated to the needs of our customers. Whether you have questions about your energy bill or need help accessing your monitoring platform or need tips on cleaning your array our team is here to assist well after installation is completed.

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