We didn’t get to the top without our loyal and much-appreciated customers. As a Solar Company, review means a lot to us. Please take a moment to read the praise!

Lagunitas Brewing Company Solar Review

Lagunitas Brewing Company Solar ReviewWestcoast Solar took the time to really understand our needs and proposed a project that was perfectly aligned with our interests.

They treat solar projects as construction projects with a great attention to detail and a long-term focus on durability and have been great partners for us.

Karen Hamilton of Lagunitas Brewing Company

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Cleaning Solar PanelsI’m in Utah and in the process of getting solar installed and I’m down to the final two bids. I was doing some research on YouTube and came across a video of a guy from Westcoast Solar showing you how to clean your panels. He seemed like a nice enough guy so I decided to call them and see if I could pick their brains.

I called right after they opened and I spoke to Peter the GM. I explained to him that I’m in Utah and that I was trying to get an unbiased opinion on the two bids and the equipment the companies are using. Peter went completely above and beyond to help me, instead of just answering a couple of questions for me he took the time to go over both bids with me and answered all of the questions that I had. He talked to me for a good 15 – 20 minutes (but I know that he was busy I could hear the door chime in the background) and made sure that all of my questions were answered before we hung up.

Because of Peter, I’m able to make a more educated purchase. I would love to be able to buy my system from Westcoast Solar, Peter’s willingness to take that much time and effort to make sure that I’m comfortable knowing that he will never make any money off of me speaks volumes for him and Westcoast Solar Energy.

Donovan R in West Jordan, Utah

Had them install solar on my granny unit. Extremely professional and very knowledgeable. Small system installation but treated me like a million dollar customer. Cleaned up each night and worked fast to get the job done and done right. Would absolutely hire Westcoast Solar Energy again and am recommending to my friends.

Chris K. in Santa Rosa

Excellent, excellent, excellent right up to the last minute.
Douglas B.

I had no clue how to maintain the solar panels on the home I am renting but I watched a video on YouTube produced by Westcoast Solar and now I’ll get up there and clean mine when it gets cool and monitor if the production becomes more efficient. They are really dirty and I had a $100 electric bill last month where it is normally like $3.00 a month in Palmdale, CA. We leave our AC at 74 all day every day! I’ll report back!

Debbie Fernandez

Everyone at Westcoast Solar was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciated their good communications with me through the process – especially when I had questions or needed clarifications. I was particularly impressed with Bob when I first met him. He helped make my choice of vendors easier based on his presentation and knowledge. Matt and RJ were also terrific!

Elizabeth H.

SepiSolar Solar Review

SepiSolar Solar ReviewFor me, it’s all about trust and Westcoast Solar Energy does what they say they will do.

They don’t cut corners and are direct and honest about the status of problems, issues or any other risk factors. Integrity, reliability, and attention to detail are hard to find which is why I recommend them.

Joshua Weiner of SepiSolar

I first encountered Westcoast Solar as a vendor looking to assist their equipment fleet, as they have lots of large equipment that helps them complete big projects.

When we purchased a home nearby, I called about putting in solar.

They responded quickly, promptly made a site visit, and provided a quote that was a good price. I was impressed with the quality components they proposed to use, their level of professionalism, and good explanations of what utility rebates are available and how the system is scalable for future upgrades.

One fact I was pleasantly surprised to learn, is that in California if you put in solar, it generally increases the home value by the cost you put in. So it essentially pays for itself immediately in equity!

I have not pulled the trigger, yet, only because we still have all gas appliances and our electric usage is not large. Once we replace the appliances with electric, Westcoast Solar will be my first call.

David I. in Rohnert Park

Thanks for the great YouTube video on cleaning solar panels. We just had a big dust storm and my panels really needed cleaning.

Kevin S. in Windsor

Westcoast Solar Energy fulfilled every promise they made.
S.B. in Sebastopol

Very satisfied with the installation and design of the system; it was a CLEAN install. Everything was great in how the solar works and how the process works in getting permits and dealing with PG&E. The crew covered every part of the project and included good ideas on upgrades for the solar panels as well.

Geib Ranch

Westcoast Solar is top notch! Darren came to our home and his knowledge and professionalism impressed us. He was prompt, friendly and extremely helpful. We appreciated the time and effort he took when answering our questions.


Heather-Ann in Petaluma

Inman Family Wines Solar Review

Inman Family Wines Solar ReviewI used Westcoast Solar for the PV system for my new winery (Inman Family Wines) and they did an excellent job.

The county inspector said it was some of the best electrical work he had seen. We were very pleased.

Kathleen Inman of Inman Family Wines

Watched Westcoast Solar Energy do a great video on YouTube about cleaning solar panels.

Kerri S. in Visalia

I heard of Westcoast Solar Energy from my son-in-law who works in the solar industry. His high recommendation for the company was reinforced by their YouTube video on how to clean solar panels. Great presentation! Very quick, thorough and exactly what I needed to know about cleaning my panels for the first time.

Thank you Westcoast Solar for the tutorial and when I get moved to California and need some panels, you are who I will call.

Linda Y. in Navarre, Florida

They did an excellent job and the solar system works great.
Curtis M. in Rohnert Park

Very good company with great ethics. They came out and evaluated my home and came to the conclusion that I was not using enough electricity to make it worth it for us. But if things change I would use them for sure.

Mike S. in Sebastopol

Solar Energy in Santa RosaWe just had our solar system installed by Westcoast Solar Energy and are thrilled. Darren, the salesman, was very professional, walking us through all of the steps and answered all of our questions. We had many delays with conflicting SCEIP contractors and Westcoast Solar never complained. They were ready as soon as we received approval and installed the system while the roofers were installing the new roof.

Each concern I had with the install was explained and my requests were all accommodated. We also had our very old unreliable service panel replaced. The new panel required some modifications that were completed in a very professional installation. Sam, the head electrician, is great and his team did a wonderful job completing the project on time.

My wife and I are very excited about our new solar system and we feel that Westcoast Solar Energy will be there for us if we need them in the future. They have been in business for a long time, and by the professionalism exhibited and quality workmanship, will continue to be for a long time. We highly recommend using Westcoast Solar Energy to fulfill your energy system needs.

Kurt B. in Santa Rosa

Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estates Solar Review

Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estates Solar ReviewWe decided to remove a third of an acre of Malbec grapes where the solar benefits outweighed the value of the fruit.

The Westcoast Solar Energy team used directional drilling technology to bury cable 8 feet underground without disturbing nearby vines.

We traded our electric bill to finance solar and the results more than justified our decisions.

Jeff Cummings of Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estates

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I’ve had my system up and running just a short while but I am very happy with the results thus far. Westcoast Solar Energy did a great job on the install and was very professional and stayed on task to get through the project in a timely fashion. I had shopped too many bids. Theirs was not only very competitive but I liked their single pole ground mount system and American made panels. Solar will pay for itself because our home is entirely electric.

I highly recommend Westcoast Solar to help anyone achieve their ultimate state/shade of green.

Stephen S. in Santa Rosa

Excellent and very pleased. Darren was very patient and thorough answering our questions. It was not a ‘hard sale’ but convincing because of the level of confidence in the company, products, and installation. Easiest and least disruptive home improvement project to date. A professional crew with good communication and I always knew what was going to happen next and when.

Alberta Stohl

Will definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for solar!
Dale B in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida

These guys are great to work with! Friendly knowledgeable and great customer service. I appreciate the time they took to explain everything in detail.

Mo Mulheren in Ukiah

We have a new solar system but didn’t know how to clean it. Google brought us Westcoast Solar Energy’s video. It answered all of our questions, and we are ready to go. Thanks guys.

Ann D. in Paso Robles

Mauritson Wines Solar Review

Mauritson Wines Solar ReviewThe interface between my company and Westcoast Solar Energy was seamless.

I received daily emails with schedules, inspection updates, etc. which made this a hands-off infrastructure improvement without having to involve my time.

A truly turnkey installation.

Clay Mauritson of Mauritson Wines

We purchased our system in March 2010 for our home. We were thrilled with the quality of service, the cleanup and how Westcoast Solar Energy worked with the City Inspector who was quite particular. They were professional and answered all of our questions during the install. Years after our system installation, I can still call with questions and they are happy to be of service.

We love our solar system and still can’t recommend Westcoast Solar enough!

Patricia Miller in Rohnert Park

We have lived in our house for 32 years, and I can honestly say we have never had a better team of people work for us. It was well presented, well executed, and the whole process was a delight. We are also extremely happy with the end result.

Bob was fantastic from the beginning link on the computer until the final walk-through at the end. He was very knowledgeable, straightforward and fun to talk to. He is a definite asset to the company and one of the major reasons we felt comfortable with Westcoast Solar Energy. The installers, Sam and Robert, were very professional, timely and did a great job with clean up. We did have an issue with our roof construction, which was done a bit differently, so they, very kindly, came out to explain the installation differences which required more work while still honoring the first bid.

We belong to the Mauritson wine club, and Clay spoke very highly of Westcoast Solar Energy. We never approached another solar company. I can’t think of anything that would enhance your business. It was a rewarding experience and we wish you all great success.

Robert & Nancy D.

Just seen the YouTube video on how to clean solar panels. Great advice was given. I will definitely be cleaning my panels in the evening!

Sean G. in Hayward

Great company and good quality workmanship.
Anthony L. in Rohnert Park

My system was installed two years ago by Westcoast Solar and they did a super job. Thank you guys so much, especially RJ. If you want the best for solar, choose Westcoast Solar Energy.

Ken S. in Rohnert Park

I looked online to learn how to clean my panels. I didn’t think it would be hard but just wanted to be sure. The video Westcoast Solar Energy produced was perfect. Professional, friendly, informative and thorough. I would imagine they would translate this into their whole business.

David S. in Santa Cruz

Multi-Contact USA Solar Review

Multi-Contact Solar ReviewWestcoast Solar Energy was chosen as the solar contractor to install our 205-kilowatt solar system on our U.S. Headquarters building.

From their consultants to their installation crews, they offered a level of professionalism that is reflected in the quality of the work performed.

I am delighted with the system and with Westcoast Solar Energy.

Dustin Carver of Multi-Contact USA

Westcoast Solar Energy, while not the least expensive, was by far the most responsive and thorough in our year-long quest to find the right solar company for our needs. From the sales team to the installers, they were just so enthusiastic about their jobs that it rubs off on you. They were very professional but fun. The quality of their work was the best. The inspector for the county even complimented their work.

Use Westcoast Solar Energy, you will not be sorry.

Steve L. in Sebastopol

Excellent YouTube video on cleaning of rooftop residential solar panels. Very much appreciated, as my 5kW array is really covered with pollen right now!

Richard S. in Pinellas Park, Florida

Westcoast Solar Energy was polite, knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.
David & Sunni Stecher

Needed help on how to clean our solar panels and found their video on YouTube. It was great. Their methods worked awesome on our solar panels. Thanks for the help and info Westcoast Solar Energy!

Randy W. in Syracuse, Utah

We are very happy with our new solar system and how professionally it was installed by Hunter & Mike! We appreciate how well they explained what they were doing and their skill in making it look and work well. Darren provided a detailed contract that met our needs and was responsive while answering many questions by email and phone.

Although we didn’t know that we would need to move tenants’ cars, etc. on the day of the digging, all other aspects of the installation were planned and communicated well and the entire installation went fast and professional. The Westcoast Solar Energy crew did a great job of daily clean up and of locking our front gates.

We also appreciated that the CEO, he was onsite several days and he approved two upgrades (rapid shut off and water) at no additional cost. He has pride in his business, his team, and their work. Also, we appreciate the office folks who arranged for PG&E and county approvals.

Mike Fanning in Sebastopol

Westcoast Solar Energy was very organized, efficient and very polite. Darren was exceptional at being informative, not pushy and easy to deal with and cleaned up every day.

Steve Kramer

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