About Westcoast Solar Energy

Westcoast Solar Energy (WSE) was founded in 2009, but the experience in solar started much earlier as the company’s co-founders began their careers working with a national leading company, Akeena Solar.

The experience gained at Akeena became the new venture’s simple business model; provide better solar equipment for a similar cost which built our company into a top solar company in Sonoma County.

By running the entire solar project in-house we can offer a level of installation quality well above industry standards. Within three months we hired the best of the Akeena team and began to establish our reputation for quality, trouble-free installations.

Customers often ask what makes WSE different. For one thing, Westcoast is one of the few companies still in business since 2009 and can be easily found simply by searching for solar providers near me online. Click here to see our solar energy jobs.

The biggest difference in what constitutes “value” in a solar project is a simple philosophy that rings true from the smallest residential project to the largest commercial projects. The best solar systems yield the longest useful life with the lowest cost of ownership.

Everything Westcoast does is based on their philosophy: longevity = lowest cost of ownership. Systems that operate with minimal issues for the longest period of time will, in fact, produce the most power and therefore are the best value.

Simply stated, high-quality solar systems designed intelligently and installed by skilled workers with all solar panel services under one roof deliver the best solar efficiency.

Customers choose Westcoast Solar Energy because we are good at what we do and because we do what we say we will do. Don’t hesitate to contact our customers and/or visit their projects and see for yourself.

With hundreds of projects successfully installed WSE is the fastest growing solar company in Northern California.

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Solar Power RepairQualifications under our corporate umbrella:

  • Class A General Engineering Contractor #908420
  • Class B General Building Contractor #968006
  • C-10 Electrical Contractor #963158
  • C-46 Solar Contractor #963158
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certification #091308-61
  • Journeyman Certified

Qualifications under our corporate umbrella:

  • Aesthetics – Westcoast Solar Energy takes extra effort to design and install systems that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are productive.
  • Listen – We work together with you to understand your business and the variable associated with your energy use. We want to know your long term goals and do our part to help you reach them.

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North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
California Solar Storage Association
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce
Solar Power World
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