Bigger projects present unique challenges. Westcoast Solar Energy has the experience to make sure that every aspect of the job is completed without surprises.

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Westcoast Solar Energy has the experience and know-how to help you generate power simply and beautifully.

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We are dedicated to providing expert service and repair for a variety of solar systems. Our solar installation team knows what it takes to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.

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Westcoast Solar Energy has a unique mix of experienced project developers and installation expertise to help your business use the sun to increase their bottom line.

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• Longevity based design
• Expert site surveys
• Aesthetics
• Simple contracts
• Expert installation crews
• Client communication
• Support and service
• Value engineering


• Knowledgeable staff with years of solar troubleshooting experience
• On-site parts management
• Licensed qualified electricians
• Rapid response times
• Maximize system uptime


• Main electrical panel inspection
• Module cleaning
• Shade analysis
• Contractor warranty enforcement
• Roof inspection
• Infrared scan potential failure points
• String wiring inspection
• Visual inspection
• Warranty support
• Module performance verification
Electrical Analysis
• Torque all electrical connections
• Test for short circuits/ground faults
• Test overcurrent devices
• Infrared scan main overcurrent devices
• Warranty support
• Maximize performance
• Proactively manage uptime
• Verify output

Let us help you eliminate your electric bill and maximize the return on your solar investment.

Westcoast Solar Energy will make your quest for energy independence a great experience. They become the North bay’s Leading Solar Company through hard work, dedication to quality installations and ethical dealings thus delivering both a stellar reputation and a position of leadership. To be clear, leadership does not mean number of installations or revenue generated. Their leadership is based on quality and longevity based solar installations and the recognition throughout the North bay community for their commitment to these core values.

Westcoast Solar Energy was founded by two Sonoma County Natives, Nate Gulbransen and Jeremy Greer, to bring clean reliable solar power to the North bay and provide exceptional service to the area we call home. Their core values arrived by seeing first hand what other companies were doing that contributed to poor workmanship, cutting corners and questionable ethics. Westcoast Solar Energy operates a 100% in-house turn key operation by doing the entire solar project with their own equipment, skilled labor, the best materials and by implementing solar industry best practices. They simply do not settle for less.

Welcome to the Westcoast Solar Energy website. Feel free to browse the site, talk to one of our solar engineers or complete the contact form and we’ll take it from there.

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