6 Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners

#1 Request an energy audit on your home

An energy audit is a process where energy-saving experts come visit your home to identify energy-saving opportunities where you can save the most energy in order to save your money.

#2 Stock up on food

Believe it or not, freezers and refrigerators operate more efficiently when they are full.

So keep your refrigerator and freezer (or deep freezer) as stocked as possible.

Careful not to overfill as this will reduce airflow, causing the appliances to work harder than needed.

#3 Secure the gap around your doors

Air leaks are a huge source of energy loss in your home, especially during winter.

A common area where air leaks can occur is under the door leading from the house to the garage.

These doors are often not well-sealed as other doors leading outside.

By installing a door gap sweep to seal the area between the bottom of the door and threshold, you will increase your energy-savings by preventing cold air from coming in, and warm air from escaping.

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#4 Manage your home’s temperatures

With today’s technology and the birth of a new industry known as the Internet of Things (I.o.T), there are many simple energy-saving options to help keep your solar panels working as effectively as possible.

Such as a programmable thermostat that can manage your indoor temperature while the family is away.

Maintaining temperatures reduces your utility bill costs and wasted energy.

#5 Seal up duct leaks

Studies have shown that an average duct system loses 10% to 40% of cool or warm air from gaps in your home’s duct joints.

This heating and cooling energy gets wasted when your ducts run outside the attic or crawlspace.

While sealing ducts is a common, albeit temporary option, fewer older homes today actually get it resolved.

#6 Unplug those energy vampires

Ensure your lights and plug loads are turned off when not in use at night, even throughout the day if they are not needed.

The term plug load refers to energy used by equipment like desktop computers, printers and other everyday electronics typically plugged into an outlet for a long time period.

Even if you turn your computer off before going to sleep, it is still draining energy and costing you money.

Sometimes, unplugging can be a surefire way to save money on your electric bill.

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