Solar Energy in Eureka

At Westcoast Solar Energy, our focus began with large-scale commercial solar installations in the North Bay. As we gained the experience and technology to design longer-lasting solar panel installations with expertly integrated layouts, we expanded our service towards Mendocino County. 

Located next to the Pacific Ocean and Mountain Ranges and hosting a range of phenomenal wineries, Mendocino County is a great place to take advantage of renewable energy resources such as solar. 

Solar Panel Installation

When looking for a licensed and insured solar company, we recommend discussing how they can help:

Mendocino County commercial solar projects often find a strong return on investment accompanied by low maintenance costs. 

Solar Panel Service

While businesses and homeowners have turned to solar panels for savings and energy efficiency for years, many solar companies have gone out of business – leaving their customers in the dark about what to do for maintenance, service, and repairs. If your Mendocino County original solar installation company is out of business, our solar experts can repair any solar system under the sun.

Our team recommends annual maintenance and cleaning to ensure that the solar system works at maximum efficiency, helping you get to free, clean energy even quicker. When it comes to your business, we want to help you keep energy costs down so you can continue providing the best service to your customers. Through our operations and maintenance plans, we assure your solar system is operating at peak efficiency, allowing your energy investment to exceed expectations. 

Some situations that might warrant a call to your solar company include:

  • A significant change in your energy production
  • Alerts from your monitoring system
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • Visible dirt and damage to your panels

Our crew at Westcoast Solar Energy regularly services residential and commercial solar systems in Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, and Lake County, whether we installed it or not. 

Call us today at (707) 664-6450 for more information.


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