Solar Energy UkiahSolar energy in Ukiah is a smart move on many levels:

  1. The Ukiah climate is perfect for solar panels, and there is plenty of opportunities to install money-saving solar energy systems on the rooftops and properties of Ukiah homes and commercial properties.
  2. Solar energy is a terrific means of reducing your family’s carbon footprint, as well as the city of Ukiah’s, saving both the planet and money spent on energy.
  3. Solar panels have drastically dropped in price and financing is readily available. Now, more than ever, solar panels are often paying for themselves in 3-5 years of installation.
  4. Solar energy removes dependence upon public utilities for power – like PG&E, which means that if your energy system is completely self-sustaining, you will no longer need to pay that monthly energy bill.
  5. And remember, we don’t just work in the Bay Area, we live here too.

Westcoast Solar Energy has been serving the Ukiah region now for years.

Licensed as electrical contractors and solar panel designers and installers, we are a team that has been “in it” before solar in Ukiah went mainstream.

Our team is passionate about solar energy and we will gladly discuss all your options for your Ukiah home or business.

Contact Westcoast Solar Energy today to request a quote or call (707) 664-6450.


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