Keep your Solar PV System at peak performance with regular service

If your solar PV system is not providing the power output it was designed for, you might just need a service call to get it back on track.

At Westcoast Solar Energy, we wouldn’t be one of the most recommended solar companies in Sonoma County without a service and repair team that is experienced and capable of bringing your system back to peak performance.

Over the years there have been many solar installation companies that have come and gone.

If your original installation company is no longer in business, we can provide the repair and service for what others have installed.

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Is your solar PV system in need of a cleaning?

Servicing your solar PV system will help you to control your energy costs and take advantage of your home or businesses solar investment. A typical service call will inspect your solar PV system’s condition from the solar panels to the wiring, inverters and power junction. A regular service program can help to spot small problems that could lead to greater costs for repairs.

Our repair team can get a system that is down back online so you continue to see the cost benefit to having a solar PV system. Major systems should consider adding our asset management Operations & Maintenance (O&M) program.

Westcoast Solar Energy Service & Repair Vehicle

Westcoast Solar Energy can help you improve your solar PV system’s performance

The potential for serious harm or injury is too great for those who are non-licensed to attempt repair of solar electric panels, inverters or other system components.

Call Westcoast Solar Energy at (707) 664-6450 to arrange a solar service call and get off the grid.