Solar Energy in San RafaelWestcoast Solar Energy has been selling and installing solar panels and solar energy installations for years, and we have recently expanded into the San Rafael market.

We specialize in providing custom solar installation solutions for San Rafael luxury homes, green label homes, and custom homes and commercial properties.

Solar energy panels in San Rafael are not all created equal, nor are they a cookie-cutter solution. At Westcoast Solar Energy, we look at every aspect and design for every solar panel installation, including:

  • The customer’s solar energy requirements for the home or business
  • Which solar panels will be best for the building’s aesthetics
  • The orientation of the San Rafael building in relation to the sun
  • Which solar panels will provide the best solar energy installation options

Westcoast Solar Energy carries professional-grade solar panels which are proven to be the most reliable and long-lasting.

Our solar panels are made from the best materials, which makes them the most powerful module on the market with the best warranty available.

They also require maintenance and service less often, but if your solar system does need repair, Westcoast Solar Energy will troubleshoot the issue and quickly get your solar installation back up and running at 100%.

If you live or work near San Rafael and would like more information about Westcoast Solar Energy’s solar panels, the solar installations we have done in the San Rafael area, or the cost savings of solar energy, contact us here or call (707) 664-6450 to request a quote.


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