Solar Energy in Rohnert ParkPeople more and more are switching to solar. Rohnert Park residential and commercial communities are switching to solar panel systems for both cost and efficiency.

Now is the perfect time to install more solar power in Rohnert Park. Why?

Here are 8 reasons to switch to solar that may surprise you:

  1. Rohnert Park has plenty of sunshine and is a great place to harvest the sun’s solar energy.
  2. It’s very affordable. Prices for solar panels in Rohnert Park are at an all-time low and the cost to design and install solar systems has come down as well.
  3. The solar power generated by a solar energy system gives you plenty of juice to run your household, your business, and all your electronics.
  4. Solar panels reduce your obligation to pay monthly electric bills for the rest of your life.
  5. Solar power is the smartest and most affordable way for Rohnert Park homeowners and business owners to fight increasing energy prices from PG&E.
  6. Solar power is being adopted by the mainstream in Rohnert Park, including school districts, local businesses, wineries, plant nurseries, health centers, churches, retail stores, and commercial development projects.
  7. Solar panels require very minimal maintenance and can last 40 years or more!
  8. Solar panels and solar energy help improve the air quality in Rohnert Park and the surrounding region.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your Rohnert Park home or business can benefit from a custom designed solar power system tailored to your specific energy needs, contact Westcoast Solar Energy here or call (707) 664-6450 to schedule a consultation.


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