Solar Energy in PetalumaSolar power installations for Petaluma homes have been going mainstream more and more lately, mainly due to Petaluma having huge potential for solar power.

Because of Petaluma’s location and year-round sunshine, solar power in Petaluma is a rich garden that is waiting to be tilled and harvested for solar energy.

Installing solar panels on a Petaluma home or industrial flat roof will release untapped savings for the energy user, for the city of Petaluma as a whole, and will have a trickle-down effect that benefits the world.

Westcoast Solar Energy has come to the realization that there aren’t enough solar panels installed in Petaluma.

With today’s high tech, low maintenance solar panels available at very affordable prices, Petaluma homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from saving substantial amounts of money on their energy bills and reducing their collective carbon footprint. That’s why we are of the opinion that Petaluma needs more solar panels providing solar power.

Today’s high-quality solar panels, offer useful, usable, and efficient energy.

Concerned that you don’t have enough space or the right roof for a solar power system?

In theory, any type of roof can host solar panels. As long as the roof is oriented to the South, West, or East, the Petaluma homeowner or business owner will be well on their way towards freedom from the reliance on a public utility company, such as PG&E, for electricity.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your Petaluma home or business can benefit from a custom designed solar power system tailored to your energy needs, contact Westcoast Solar Energy or call (707) 664-6450 to schedule a consultation.


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