Solar Energy in KelseyvilleIf you wish to install solar panels in Kelseyville, look to one of the leading solar resources serving Kelseyville: Westcoast Solar Energy.

Westcoast Solar Energy does more than sell solar panels to Kelseyville homes and commercial properties.

The service team at Westcoast Solar Energy has been working with solar panels for years.

Kelseyville customers can trust that we know our stuff. And remember, we don’t just work in the North Bay, we live here too!

When you are considering solar panels for your Kelseyville business or home, remember that Westcoast Solar Energy is the leader in solar electricity throughout Northern California.

Our team is determined to design and install a system for you that will keep your solar energy system costs low.

Contact us today to request a quote or call us (we actually answer) at (707) 664-6450.


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