Solar Energy in HumboldtAre you thinking about installing solar panels on your Humboldt home or office building?

If so, look to Westcoast Solar Energy. We have experience with renewable energy and solar power in the Humboldt area and are licensed in California.

You’d be surprised how many contractors throughout the North Bay are NOT licensed.

This shows we are certified, knowledgeable and experienced to install renewable energy correctly.

Humboldt homeowners have taken advantage of renewable energy for decades.

In Humboldt, when the solar panels are properly installed, they have the potential to save the homeowners significant amounts of money – giving Humboldt residence the option to have renewable energy powering their homes, in spite of the fog and early morning clouds.

If you live or work in Humboldt and are interested in exploring the benefits of solar panels and renewable energy, contact Westcoast Solar Energy. Or give us a call today at (707) 664-6450 for a quote.


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