Westcoast Solar Energy is not one of those typical solar companies in Sonoma County. We offer exciting solar energy jobs with our commercial solar projects taking you places other solar power companies cannot with state-of-the-art solar monitoring technologies.

Solar Installation Jobs

Solar Installation jobs still make up the largest share of solar power jobs in California. Out of the workers who spent more than half of their time on solar projects in 2017, nearly 52% were involved with solar installations. Below are some of the most common careers in Solar Installations:

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Solar Photovoltaic Installer JobsSolar Photovoltaic Installer jobs involve assembling photovoltaic modules and panels, mounting equipment on residential and commercial rooftops, applying weather sealing, and connecting wires.

This essential hands-on work usually requires lifting heavy loads and working at great heights.

Experience in roofing, electrical work, or general construction can certainly boost your job prospects.

Solar Installation Electrician

Solar Installation Electrician JobsSolar Installation Electricians are responsible for connecting solar equipment, such as panels and inverters, to a building’s main power supply or to the region’s electrical grid.

Solar Installation Electricians plan the layout of wiring and fixtures, do voltage testing and ensure that the system complies with all applicable city, county, state, and national codes.

Journeyman Electrician

Journeyman Electrician JobsJourneyman Electricians are electricians who have completed their Apprenticeship and who have been found by the local, State, or National licensing body to be competent in the electrical trade.

Job Description:

Installation of Conduit, wire, and disconnects, Inverters and connection to utility grid. Proficient with all electrical construction related tools and testing equipment. Capable of managing resources and other technicians. Management of project schedules and deadlines while maintaining high-quality workmanship. Knowledge and understanding of safe working practices and electrical PPE. Capable of reading electrical engineering plans. Knowledge of DAS communication hardware and LV communication wiring.

Ideal Candidate for Journeyman Electrician:

  • Have at least 5 years of documentable experience in electrical construction
  • Have good leadership qualities, organization, communication, and computer skills
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Possess your own hand tools to start
  • Be reliable and have good transportation
  • Have verifiable references
  • Be able to work up to 50 hours per week
  • Maintain a professional attitude and appearance
  • Exhibit a willingness to apply oneself

Apprentice Electrician

Apprentice Electrician JobsApprentice Electricians are on their first step toward becoming a fully licensed and capable Journeyman Electricians. Apprentices start to learn from other Journey and Master Electricians in apprenticeship programs, usually through a local union or trade organization.

Job Description:

A reliable asset to the Journeyman Electrician.

Ideal Candidate for Apprentice Electrician:

  • Have at least 2-years documentable experience in electrical construction
  • Have solid organization, communication and computer skills
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Possess your own hand tools to start
  • Be reliable and have good transportation
  • Have verifiable references
  • Be able to work up to 50 hours per week
  • Maintain a professional attitude and appearance
  • Exhibit a willingness to apply oneself

Solar Site Assessor

Solar Site Assessor JobsSolar Site Assessor evaluate the total amount of energy that can be collected at a specific location.

This includes measuring roof areas, reviewing historical weather data, and determine the type and layout of the solar panels that are needed.

Solar Site Assessors must also calculate installation costs and write up their findings and recommendations for customers.

Solar Installation Manager

Solar Project Manager JobsSolar Installation Manager positions devise and coordinate the overall plan for solar installations.

They are also responsible for setting work schedules, tracking costs, training crew members on proper solar installation procedures, and check the quality of finished work.

Job Description:

Maintain a Safe working environment. Blueprint reading. Layout of roof and ground mount projects. Capable of managing resources and other technicians. Efficient mechanical assembly of racking systems and solar panel mounting. Time management skills. Understand DC circuitry.

Ideal Candidate for Solar Installation Manager:

  • NABCEP Certification
  • 3 years solar trade experience

Solar Operations Jobs & Solar Panel Maintenance Jobs

For Solar Operations and Solar Maintenance technologies, the job descriptions listed below focus on monitoring performance and making custom adjustments to improve energy efficiency. Keeping solar energy systems up and running requires skills from many different professionals. Below are examples of Solar Operation jobs and Solar Panel Maintenance jobs:

Residential Solar Service Technician

Residential Solar Service Technician JobsResidential Solar Service Technicians troubleshoot and repair photovoltaic systems for residential areas.

They diagnose issues, replace faulty components, calibrate systems, and solve wiring and electrical problems.

Residential Solar Service Technicians may also communicate directly with customers, and many are also licensed Electricians.

Commercial Solar PV Technician

Commercial Solar PV Technician JobsCommercial Solar PV Technicians work on large-scale photovoltaic system monitors, test, and maintain solar sensors, transformers, inverters, weather instrumentations, and fuel cell equipment.

They identify and repair issues with electrical and mechanical equipment and replace parts as needed.

Some Commercial Solar PV Technicians can work out of a single facility, whereas others may travel to different project locations.

Solar Utility Operator

Solar Utility Operator JobsSolar Utility Operators use sophisticated technical equipment to monitor the operation and performance of photovoltaic arrays and generators.

They investigate solar system outages and coordinate with other solar technicians and operational staff to resolve issues, maximize production, and ensure safety.

Solar Utility Operators also document all solar maintenance activities.

Solar Design Jobs & Solar Development Jobs

Solar Design & Development jobs can allow you to combine technical skills with your creative thinking. Below are the most popular careers in this area:

Residential PV System Designer

Residential PV System Designer JobsResidential PV System Designers use information from onsite photos and surveys and design solar photovoltaic systems for residential rooftops.

This work includes calculating system sizes, creating electrical diagrams, and selecting appropriate components.

Residential PV System Designers may also work with building department officials to obtain the required permits.

Commercial Solar Design Engineer

Commercial Solar Design Engineer JobsCommercial Solar Design Engineers develop large-scale photovoltaic or thermal solar systems in order to make renewable energy.

This position involves running computer simulations of system performance to identify and improve inefficiencies, devising the specifications to connect solar energy systems to electrical grids and determining best installation procedures.

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  • Exhibit willingness to grow apply oneself
  • Reliable transportation
  • Upward mobility

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